PNG for Residential Purpose

Piped Natural Gas (PNG) is one of the cheapest forms of energy available to the residential consumer. In fact, Piped Natural Gas has historically been much cheaper than electricity as a source of energy.

Not only is Piped Natural Gas cheap for residential consumer, it also has a number of varied uses. The best known use is for heating and cooking.

The benefits of PNG at home are simply fascinating. PNG does not require storage space like ordinary LPG cylinders. It?s supplied through safe pipes that are convenient. What?s even better is that you do away with the problem of LPG suppliers from entering your house. Visits of unacknowledged LPG supplier could be dangerous for families especially for ladies who could be at home. With PNG you do away with trouble of unknown suppliers from entering your house as the gas is available 24X7 through the pipeline. Gone are the days when you ran out of cooking gas during those special occasions or large social gatherings at home, as now you get uninterrupted gas supply in your kitchen, 24hours and 7 days a week.

LPG cylinders are heavy and space occupying and gets irritating to change them every now and then. And the fact which most of us may not know is that we are never able to consume the entire gas from the cylinders as some gas is always left inside when we may presume it to be over. This slowly and indirectly affects our pocket as we pay more for less consumption.

With PNG you pay for what you use. With convenient supply through pipelines and a meter which shows you the actual gas consumption, PNG makes your cooking more enjoyably and hassle free all the time. With PNG you bring back the happy moments and healthy appetite for the whole family.

Piped Natural Gas is an environmentally friendly fuel, and is a great option for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

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